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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Rufer Alexithymia in panic disorder: Temporal stability and predictive value for cognitive-behavioral therapy outcome
Changes in quality of life following cognitive-behavioral group therapy for panic disorder
Health related quality of life and alexithymia in anxiety disorder
The German Version of the Toronto Structured Interview for Alexithymia: Factor Structure, Reliability, Concurrent Validity and Practicability
Evaluation of problem-based learning (PBL)
Alexithymia in patients with dizziness symptoms
Alexithymia and non-treatment: An Internet based study of chronic anxiety
A randomized controlled trail of an internet-based self-help intervention for trichotillomania
Health related quality of life in outpatients with chronic dizziness
Alexithymia and its relationship to dissociation in patients with panic disorder
Emotion regulation in trichotillomania
Temporal stability of dissociation in patientes with and without dissociative disorders
Self-help groups in mental health in Switzerland: An exploratory qualitative study of motives and experiences
Qigong for the treatment of tinnitus: A randomized controlled study
Relationship of alexithymia and personality

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