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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Richter gaggia - Concepts and Prototypical Implementation of a Java Bytecode Optimizer and Native Code Generator
POC ][ - Portable Object Code II
MERPATI - A Lightweight Process Migration System for Java
Richter Riedl FASME - Facilitating Administrative Services for Mobile Europeans
Riedl GRAS - Generic Resource Allocation Strategies
VT - Trails From Virtual Theatre to Software Agents
Riedl Richter IVIIRA - Invididualized Views of Internetworked Information Resources
GETSIM - Generic Techniques for Performance Modeling and Simulation of Client/Server-Systems
RE-INTRA - Restructuring Large Intranets
PENREE - Petri Nets for Reverse Engineering
ABDRA II - User & Administration Support in Large Intranets

Last update 19.09.2006