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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Flückiger ERC Advanced Grant: FilmColors. Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Aesthetics
Film Colors. Technologies, Cultures, Institutions
Timeline of Historical Film Colors
Presentation and Visualization of Historical Film Colors
ERC Proof of Concept: Development of a New Versatile Archival Film Scanner (VeCoScan)

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Flückiger DIASTOR Bridging the Gap Between Analog Film History and Digital Technology.
Film History Re-mastered.
Visual Effects. Digital-analogue Forms of Representation in Films
Sound Design in American Mainstream Film 1975–1995.
Flückiger Iseli Weibel Analog vs. Digital -­ The Emotional Impact of Film Recording Processes on the Audience
Fornaro Flückiger AFRESA: Automatic Film Restoration and Digitization System for Archives.
Klung Migration in the Transcultural (Filmic) Space: Moving Images of Adolescence

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