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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Anker New life — new creation. A theological investigation of the concept of "newness" in the New Testament and in the Protestant tradition.
Berg Spielwerk. Orientierungshermeneutische Studien zum Verhältnis von Musik und Religion
Branisavljevic Christological-soteriological understanding of the world and of human being from the point of view of Karl Barth and bishop Atanasije Jevtic.
Burger Being in Christ
Corrodi God and Passion in Kierkegaard’s Climacus
Corrodi Katzenstein Eric Voegelin and Theology. The Case of ‘Dogmatization’ in Western Intellectual and Political History
Herman Dooyeweerd and Eric Voegelin: (Un-)Timely Thinkers of Transcendence
Dalferth Prayer as Embodied Understanding Hermeneutical Approaches to the Experience of Prayer
Perspektiven gegenwärtiger Hermeneutik der Religion in phänomenologischen Perspektiven
Understanding Trust. Foundations, Forms and Limits of Trust.
Fuchs Sermons of Eberhard Jüngel
Gröne Paradox in Philosophy and Theology
Grotefeld Protestant Ethics in the Pluralistic Society. Inquiries about the Relationship between State, Politics and Churches in Switzerland
Hunziker The risk of the ordinary. An essay about the concept of faith in conversation with Ludwig Wittgenstein and Stanley Cavell
Gott und der Nächste.
Klein Humanity and Sociality. Empirical Accounts of Human Sociality in a Philosophical and Theological Perspective
Distance to Nature. The Phenomenological Anthropology of Hans Blumenberg
Müller Reincarnation and Sanctification. Schleiermacher’s doctrine of justification in the horizon of his understanding of time
Nicolaus Delivered from Evil. Practical Hermeneutics of the Lord's Prayer
Pacyna Irrational or dangerous – against naturalistic views on the origins of religion
Rass The christian notion of truth under the pluralistic terms of postmodern times – Revelation in between tradition and deconstruction.
Schaede The human being before God at his life’s beginning and end – The medieval "De anima"- and "De generatione animalium"-interpretations’ contribution to the bioethical question of life’s beginning and the eschatological question of its end
Scheiber Forgiveness. A theological investigation
Schneider The Presence of God and Authority. Divine Revelation and Human Interpretation
Scobel Pluralisms - towards a theory of complex systems
Stoellger Passion und Passivität. Eine theologische Studie zur anthropologischen Kategorie der Passivität, ihren Darstellungsformen und Phänomenen
Genese und Grenzen der Lesbarkeit
Metaphor and Lifeworld. Hans Blumenberg's Metaphorology as Hermeneutical Phenomenology of historical Lifeworlds and its Horizon of Phenomenology of Religion
Strebel Vis veritatis – Kepler’s criteria of truth
Ugazio The Biological Origins of Moral Judgment
von Sass Language-Games of Faith. A Study on Dewi Z. Phillips’ Contemplative Philosophy of Religion with Continual Reference to Ludwig Wittgenstein
Gott als Ereignis des Seins. Versuch einer hermeneutischen Onto-Theologie
Welz God's (Non)Phenomenality and the Problem of Theodicy
Trust in Trials

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