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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Albinger Head and Neck Molecular Research
Birchler Immunoscintigraphy of Malignant Head and Neck Tumors, using an anti-angiogenetic human antibody fragment.
Bodmer Screening for interaction partners with prestin, the motorprotein of outer hair cells
Gene expression profiling in ototoxicity signaling using DNA microarrays
Brockmann-Bauser Improving clinical acoustic voice assessments
Cross validation of the german version of the Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI) and the German Sydney Swallow Questionnaire (SSQ)
Dillier ICanHear Improved Communication through Applied Hearing Research
Neural Response Telemetry Software development and further research
Signal processing for digital hearing instruments
Perception of Music with Cochlear Implants
Hearing instrument algorithms for improved spatial perception
HEARCOM - Hearing in the Communication Society
Dillier Büchler Algorithms for Sound Classification in Hearing Instruments
Dillier Ferrazzini Virtual Middle Ear: a dynamic model based on Finite Element Methods
Dillier Lai Functional Characterization of Neural Activity Patterns in Patients with Cochlear Implants and Auditory Brainstem Implants
Dillier Timms Digital speech processing strategies based on the sinusoidal speech model for the profoundly hearing impaired
Frenz Apparatus for endoscopical, laser-based determination of ciliary beat frequency
Haerle The value of 2-(18F)fluoroethyl-L-tyrosine PET in head and neck tumors
Histopathological mapping of metastatic tumor cells in sentinel lymph nodes of oral head and neck squamos cell carcinomas (OHNSCC)
Hegemann Ocular motor plasticy following vestibular tone asymmetry in humans
Holzmann Mechanical characterization of human cartilage for optimized bioimplants suitable for the reconstruction of cartilageous tissue
Endoscopic endonasal treatment of skull base pathologies
Investigation of disease related effector cells and functions in chronic sinusitis
Genetic control of epithelial cell apoptosis
Huber Expression of various biomarkers (SOX-2, ECAD, Periostin, N-Cadherin) as predictors of early metastases in oral cavity carcinomas
Gene amplification, expression and proliferation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors (EGFR) as predictors for early metastases of oral cavity carcinomas
Clinical evaluation of fixation quality of NiTiBond stapes prosthesis
The mechanism of hearing loss restoration after surgery for congenital aural atresia
Physiologically optimized Deep Canal & Extended Wear Hearing Instruments
Development of an Intracochlear Acoustic Receiver for Fully Implantable Cochlear Implants: Feasibility Study
Acousto-vibratory function of the incudo-malleal joint
Effective stimulus to the cochlea in human: Intra-operative measurement
Hi Focus V, Safety and Efficacy in Adults
Recovery of bone conduction in stapes surgery
Diffusion weighted MRI for prognostic evaluation of cholesteatomas
Preclinical Evaluation of the Bone Bridge
The influence of complex stapes vibration patterns on hearing in Guinea pigs
Study to design and validate a method for intra-operative proof of a tight fixation of various stapes prostheses and the artificial incus of a direct acoustic cochlea stimulation device
Equivalent sound pressure value of a Direct Acoustic Cochlea Stimulation (DACS) implant
The quality of acoustic and direct drive middle ear stimulation devices
Kleinjung Clinical studies of chronic Tinnitus, neuroplasticity of deafness and Tinnitus
Meyer The meaning of spectral and temporal information for processing spoken language across the life span in dependence of age-related hearing loss.
Probst SOREL - Swiss ORL E-Learning
Röösli Bone conduction thresholds as a function of site of stimulation
Therapy of Otitis media acuta with Labyrinthitis
Roth Wettstein Weber Rosengren Cochleo-vestibular functional examination in relation to Ethanol and neurotropic substances
Spillmann Virtual Patient for Audiometric Training
Stöckli Reconstructive oncologic head and neck surgery
Veraguth The hearing and language development of children after cochlear implantation
Veraguth Gysin Blaschek Berger Prevalence of CMV infections in bilateral pediatric hearing loss
Vogel Monge Neuronal Erythropoietin (Epo) overexpression protects mice against presbycusis
Willi Middle-ear Mechanics: The Dynamic Behavior of the Incudo-Malleolar Joint and its Role During the Transmission of Sound

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