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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Feuser ODL-Inclusive – an Open and Distance Learning Course introducing in the Field of Inclusive Education which aims at the Development of Professional Attitudes and Skills of Students in their Respective Areas of Work
Feuser Wohlhart ODL-Inclusive - an Open and Distance Learning course introducing in the field of Inclusive Education which aims at the development of professional attitudes and skills of students in their respective areas of work.
Graf Labour and Disability
Graf Weisser Professional Knowledge in Special Education
Güttinger-Flury Special Educational Support in Homes for Adults with Mental Disability
Kriwet Psychodrama as a Research Method
International Studies in special education: Inclusion in Sweden an Germany
Critical Studies in special education systems and the historical reconstruction of special education theories
Widmer-Wolf The grammar of Individualisation. Reconstructive case study in Basic Schools
Wolters Bätscher Qualitygauges and specialeducational processes

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