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Fakultäten » Philosophische Fakultät » Sozialanthropologie und Empirische Kulturwissenschaft, Institut für » Populäre Kulturen » Prof. Dr. Ueli Gyr (emeritiert)

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Gyr Heidi und the myth of Heidi as a touristic pattern of identity
Gyr Kalt Children's Photographies and their use in families (Doctoral Thesis, Katrin Kalt)
Gyr Kofmehl Senior citizens' drama groups as part of the traditional amateur theatre
Gyr Lorenzen Zine-culture. The textualization of the everyday (Doctoral Thesis, Sönke Lorenzen)
Gyr Muri When time stands still: the break as everyday cultural phenomenon
Gyr Renggli In-/visible differences. Images of disability in the media (Doctoral Thesis, Cornelia Renggli)
Gyr Scheidegger «Loving, collecting, arranging»: Late nineteenth-century amateur collecting of natural-history
Gyr Staeheli Acculturation of Hungarian Immigrants in Switzerland
Gyr Unterweger The Meaning of Money. Conceptions of Money in Swiss Middleclass (Doctoral Thesis, Gisela Unterweger)
Muri Public stages and actors: Children and youth scenes in Zurich and Zurich North
Muri Koller Time, Space, and Image Representations in Urban Public Space
Rolshoven Integration and Exclusion amongst Youth in education and formation (NFP 51)

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