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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bär Molecular Parameters of vital reactions in the human body
Bär Bosshard Medical End-of-Life Decisions: Attitudes and Practices in 6 European Countries (EURELD / MELS)
Bär Fukshansky Biostatistical Evaluation of DNA mixtures
Bär Haas Genomic DNA from hair shafts
Bär Kratzer Efficiency of polymorphic DNA markers in filiation
Bartsch Investigation of sudden infant death (SIDS) using genetic molecular markers
Baumgartner Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) in Hair: A Comparison between Self-declared Alcohol Consumption and EtG-Concentration
Bosshard Final Choice - assisted suicide and suicide tourism in Switzerland
Friedrich The rule of the medical examination in detection of drivers under influence of alcohol or drugs after the 1st of January 2005
Friedrich-Koch The rule of the medical examination in detection of drivers under influence of alcohol or drugs after the 1st of January 2005
Haag-Dawoud The role of traffic psychology in the medical expertise of driving ability
Haag-Dawoud Thali Evaluation of traffic psychological methods in the process of medical and psychological expertise for regranting driving licence
Haas mRNA profiling of biological stains to determine the type of secretion
mRNA profiling for low template samples / small stains
Jackowski Optimisation of the MR scanning technique for postmortem conditions
Postmortem MR imaging for the cause of death assessment
Estimation of the postmortem interval by observation of the cooling curve: a new approach
Dental identification based on postmortem CT data of dentitions
Dental CT visualization after exposure to high temperatures: An experimental study
Rib fractures by CT: A study validating diagnostic sensitivity of CT against autopsy.
Behaviour of internal livores compared to known time courses of cutaneous livores in terms of time to death dependant fixation.
Visualization of peracute myocardial infarction by postmortem 3T magnetic resonance imaging.
Assessing the postmortem cellular status of adenosine phosporylation by 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the early postmortem interval: A feasability study.
Quantification of T1-, T2-relaxation times and proton density in regular postmortem tissue with respect to its temperature dependance.
Fiber tracking based on postmortem diffusion tensor imaging (3T MR) to visualize microstructural damage in myocardial infarction.
Dual energy analyisis based on extended CT scale data for the discrimination of dental filling materials: implementing a new software solution.
Pulmonary fat embolism assessed and quantified by high resolution postmortem magnetic resonance imaging.
Kraemer Development and validation of methods for determination of medicaments and drugs of abuse in biological matrices using modern mass spectrometric techniques
Fast determination of drugs of abuse in human tissue sections by MALDI mass spectrometric imaging
M.Haag-Dawoud Guidelines for the driving abillity expertise
Molz Kindstodforschung: Epidemiologie und Pathologie
Mund Knell Examination to determinate the age of person: clinical examination, x-ray from the left hand and the claviculae, examination of a dentist
R.Seeger Medical assistance in on road testing of driving abilty
Evaluation of a simple method to find out early demential symptoms in driving ability testing
Schweitzer Bär Non-invasive scanning methods in forensic medicine
Schweitzer Thali Skin injury classifi cation based on discriminant analysis of shape vectors
Shape matching using CT or surface scan data and shape vectors
Cardiac conduction system in forensic pathology
Visualization of 3D pathology of CT data
Seeger Strategies to avoid hypoglycemia while driving

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