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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Armstrong TransTech - Language Technology for Translators
Bünzli Improving the quality of Swiss Legal Text through Natural Language Processing
Clematide mOLIFde - Open Morphological Resources for OLIF-Based German Lexica
Optimisation of existing OLAT glossary functionalities
CLab - A Web-Based Virtual Laboratory for Computational Linguistics
Fuchs MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation
Hess CoreIT Mathematics
Answer Extraction for knowledge retrieval from legacy text (WebExtrAns)
Resolving PP-Attachment Ambiguities in German by using co-occurrence values
Answer Extraction over Technical Manuals (ExtrAns)
Hess Clematide SET@OLAT - Sentence Completion Tests for the Learning Management System OLAT
Hess Rinaldi PARMENIDES: Ontology driven Temporal Text mining on organisational data for extracting temporal valid knowledge
Höfler Collegis - Controlled Language for Legal Information Systems
AutoLegis: Automated detection of styleguide violations in legislative drafts
Klenner DiBEx: Tutorial Dialogue for Computer Assisted Language Learning
Learning for Semantic Interpretation
Rebholz-Schuhmann Multilingual Annotation of Named Entities and Terminology Resources Acquisition (Mantra)
Volk Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems
Wüest COSA - Software Framework for Content Analysis

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