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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Büeler Evaluation of the project "Schulen mit Profil” of the canton Luzern
Scientific support of the program "Overall assessment and promotion” (OAP) canton Lucerne
Erzinger Emotional closeness in the parent-child relationship: development and long-term consequences for the successful development of adult children in a dyadic perspective
Halbheer Conditions of different teacher cooperation in colleges: A quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
Leutwyler Development of metacognitive learning strategies in highschool
Maag Young adult survey. Pedagogical survey of adolescents and recruits. Section "crosscurricular competences”
Self evaluation of the single school building (IEDK & NWEDK)
Evaluation of the project "part-autonomous public schools" in the canton Zurich: parents’ inquiry
Maag Merki Assessing crosscurricular Competencies in High School
Roos Evaluation of the post-diploma course "AdaICT"
Sandmeier Evaluation of the Project "Universikum - Program for gifted Pupils"
Schuler Evaluation of the Project "Assessing and Supporting Students"
Evaluation of the Program "Kits für Kids"
Stoeckli Socially Fit – SoFiT Training for shy school children
Oral Classroom Participation and Social Anxiety
Children in the lecture hall A longitudinal study on the effects of children’s university lectures on children’s interests
School enrollment in 1984 – 30 in the year 2007 A follow-up on education-related experiences from first year in school to adulthood
Gender stereotyping and cross-sex perceptions in the classroom
Shyness in Cultural Context A Comparative Study of Correlates of Shyness in School Children in Switzerland and China
Evaluation of children's development in school
Learning for the 21st Century? Educational Program Evaluation (Schulprojekt 21): Social Competence in Children
Educational Burnout in the Teaching Profession
Burnout in Swiss Primary School Teachers

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