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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Keller Genetic characterization and high resolution physical mapping of a novel leaf rust resistance gene, Lr75 in the Swiss winter wheat cultivar ‘Forno’
Genomic Analysis of host specialization in powdery mildew pathogens
Combination of high-throughput sequencing technologies and genomics for the molecular cloning of wheat powdery mildew resistance genes
Field assessment of pyramided resistance genes in transgenic wheat
Transcriptomics analysis of the wheat-wheat powdery mildew pathosystem
Gene silencing of powdery mildew genes for the improvement of quantitative disease resistance in wheat
Association Mapping of Durable Resistance to Wheat Powdery Mildew
Genetics of host specialization of Blumeria graminis (powdery mildew)
Cloning of the avirulence gene AvrPm3 in the wheat powdery mildew B. graminis f.sp. tritici
Keller Krattinger Functional characterization of the wheat Lr34/Yr18/Sr57/Pm38 multi-pathogen resistance gene

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Baumann Biochemistry and Biochemical Ecology of Purine Alkaloids (PuA)
Dudler Analysis of the syringolin-triggered transformation of compatibility to incompatibility in powdery mildew-infected plants
Resistance of wheat to fungal diseases: mechanisms and markers
Feuillet Genetic analysis of non-host resistance in Hordeum vulgare-Puccinia recondita sp. tritici (Puccinia triticina) interaction
Keller Haplotype-informed functional and evolutionary analysis of the powdery mildew avirulence gene AvrPm3a2/f2
Molecular characterization of R-gene/effector interaction in the wheat/powdery mildew system
Dissection of PM3 signaling activation
Genetic characterization of wheat and barley accessions of the Swiss National Genebank
Molecular characterization of the northern corn leaf blight resistance gene Htn1 in maize
Biochemical characterization of the durable disease resistance gene Lr34 from wheat
Field trials with wheat expressing transgenic Pm3 alleles within the National Research Programme NFP 59
Map-based cloning and comparative analysis at the leaf rust resistance gene locus Rph7 in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Isolation of alleles from the Mla locus in barley
Isolation of genes from the Mla locus in barley
Functional characterization of the Lr10 leaf rust resistance in hexaploid wheat by RNAi
Allele mining and sequence diversity at the wheat powdery mildew resistance locus Pm3
Determination of the molecular basis of Pm3 allele specificity
A strategy for durable resistance - pyramiding Pm3 alleles in wheat
Analysis of the powdery mildew resistance gene Pm8
Fine mapping and isolation of a QTL for resistance against Stagonospora nodorum glume blotch in wheat
Elucidation of downstream components involved in Pm3 mediated defence response
Pathogenomics on Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici
RNAi based gene silencing as an efficient tool for functional genomics in hexaploid bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Association mapping of Stagonospora glume blotch resistance in modern european winter wheat varities
Development of engineered male sterility in triticale
Map-based cloning of the leaf rust disease resistance gene (Lr1) in wheat
Influence of pesticide application on gene expression in wheat Triticum sp.
Activation tagging of the two closely linked genes LEP and VAS independently affects vascular cell number.
Keller Jordan Evolution and organisation of resistance gene loci against grass powdery mildews
Keller Wicker Development of a unified classification system for transposable elements and study of mechanisms of genome evolution
Keller Yahiaoui Functional analysis, evolution and diversity of powdery mildew resistance genes at the Pm3 locus of hexaploid wheat
Krattinger Map-based cloning of the broad-spectrum leaf rust resistance gene Lr22a from wheat
Ringli Functional analysis of the LRX gene family in Arabidopsis
DNA microarray analysis of global gene expression in root hair morphogenesis and cell wall development in Arabidopsis thaliana
The TOR pathway modifies cell wall development in Arabidopsis
The role of flavonols in cell shape formation in Arabidopsis
Mechanics of growth - measuring the impact of the cell wall on growth properties
Genetic analysis of root-hair development in Arabidopsis
Roulin Population genomics and local adaptation: genome wide analysis of transposable elements and natural population evolutionary trajectories
Tina Establishment of an Arabidopsis - wheat powdery mildew pathosystem
Wicker Interspecies comparison of genome composition in Triticeae based on 454 whole-genome sampling
A bioinformatics study to unravel molecular mechanisms that drive genome evolution
Investigations on the obligate leave nodule symbiosis
Novel high-throughput sequencing technologies and genome-wide comparative analyses
Wicker Keller Comparative genomics in grasses and construction of a physical map of wheat chromosome 1AS

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