Prof. Dr. Christine N. Brinckmann (emeritiert)

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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Böhler Films in Thailand. A Monography
Brockmann Slow Motion
Brütsch Forms of the Subjective Point of View and Representation of Dreams in Feature Films
Brunner The Declaration of Love in Feature Films
Buchan The Puppet Animation of the Brothers Quay
Bühler Carolee Schneeman's Experimental Films
Christen The End
Gaug Magic Realism in Latin American Films
Hediger The American Cinema Trailer
Jungen The American Film Industry and the European Film Festivals
Lewinsky "Schweizer National Cinema Willy Leuzinger" - a Swiss Production of Nonfiction from the Twenties
A Crazy Site. Silent Film and Avantgarde in Japan
McKean Taylor A Single Man's War. A Filmic Encounter with the Past
Sahli Education of the Senses: Lazlo Moholy-Nagys Films and Theoretical Writings
Schneider "We are the stars": The Filmic Order of the Home Movie - Historical and Theoretical Aspects of the Swiss Amateur Film
Smid Beyond Guiding Attention: Rack Focus and Its Aesthetic and Narrative Functions
Tröhler The narrative functions of characters in the feature fiction film
von Keitz In the Shadow of the Law. The Representation of the Abortion Debate in Weimar Cinema (1918-1933)
Zimmermann Bergführer Lorenz. Career of a Misfortunate Film

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