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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Adler The Concepts of Mind
Büttner The Necessity of Mathematical Propositions and the Autonomy of Language
Existence, Identity, and Verification
Demont Grammatical Constraints on Correct Language Use: How do Syntactic Structures and Linguistic Normativity Converge?
Djordjevic Wittgenstein's metaphilosophy: Themes and Implications
Dolby Propositions and the Objects of Speech and Belief
Perspectives on Truth
Genot Wittgenstein's Remarks on Aspect Perception
Givel From Is to Ought. Analysing Normative Concepts
Glock What Is Analytic Philosophy?
Concepts: Mental Representations, Abstract Objects or Abilities?
Animal Minds
An Analytic Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
The Normativity of Meaning
The Philosophy of Wittgenstein
Henning The Perspectives of Reason
Huber Wittgenstein on Propositions and Language Use
Kalhat An essentialist theory of primitive modality
Kalhat Rathgeb Conceptual Analysis
Kottmann Plants, Animals, and Humans: Different Life Forms or Merely Different Species?
Langkau Emotions and Fiction
Lüthi Free Floating Fido
Riegelnik Context-sensitivity and Truth-conditional Semantics
Schlegel A Demystification of Mathematics Through the Philosophy of Language
Schulte Intentional Explanations and Teleosemantic Content
Steiner Rational Capacities
Tietz Leibniz and the Individuation of Particulars
Walter Pain and Other Minds
Wunder Millikan's Biosemantics and the Problem of Misrepresentation
Wyss Wittgenstein and the Sorites Paradox

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