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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Flitsch Anthropology of skill and skilled practice
Cai Yuanpei specialised library for the cultural anthropology of China
Flitsch Bray Schumaker Toilet Innovations - Social-anthropological and historical aspects of a universal need, its technologies, social impacts and trajectories of local and global modernisation

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Beckmann Competent Citizens: Transitions of Deaf Persons in Northern Uganda
«MAN MUSS EBEN ALLES SAMMELN» Der Zürcher Botaniker und Forschungsreisende Hans Schinz und seine ethnographische Sammlung Südwestafrika (1884–1887)
Bentley Ritual performance and collective identity among the Lepcha
Biasio Ethiopian Collection of Alfred Ilg
Bedouin in the Negev – From tent to house
Brauen virtual mandala project: The Bardo mandala
The Dalai Lamas
Collection of Japanese bamboo
Tibet as Myth
Contemporary Tibetan Art
Brauen Willson Icons Worthwhile to See
Coppens Representing the "Queer Other" in Ethnographic Film: An experimental anthropological approach to intersectionality and identity politics of lesbian women in urban Java, Indonesia
Dallais Bronislaw Pilsudski, Ethnography and Images of Sakhalin Island (1895–1905)
Ainu people and Switzerland : Ainu heritage in perspective, catalogue raisonné of the Swiss collections
Dick Children in the Moment. Florence Weiss – Photographs from the Sepik
Photography as Embodied Practice in Anthropological Fieldwork. The Case of Florence Weiss’ Leica Photographs of Palimbei (Papua New Guinea), 1972-1974
Donati Digitisation and treatment of field research photographs by Prof. Dr. Michael Oppitz
Flitsch Chase and Game – Hunting and Gathering in Transition.
Doing the potters work in a squatting body posture - Dimensions of a body technique
The Art of Falsifying
Liaoning rural material culture, 1980–1995
Flitsch Beckmann Disability and Technology in Uganda from Local and Global Perspectives
Flitsch Kaiser The Crowning Gift
Flitsch Nentwig Guangxi anthropology – A Case of Modern Local Chinese Anthropology
Flitsch Rauber The Humli-Khyampa Revisited
Flitsch Sutter Tilling with Knives and Planting with Fire: Socio-technical Transformations and Senses of Place of Steep-slope Cultivation Communities in Yunnan (PR of China) in Times of Climate Change
Flitsch Wernsdörfer Powroznik Haslwanter The phenomenon Heinrich Harrer: interaction, representation, and perception in contact zones.
Gerber 33rd American Indian Workshop
Gerber Biasio Welcome Art? Prints from Canada and Ethiopia. A chapter of the collection and exhibition history of the Ethnographic Museum
Gerber Haslwanter Isler On the significance of ethnographic collections
Gerber Powroznik Iroquois
Haslwanter Dutch New Guinea in flux: colonialism and cultural change, material culture and representation through the prism of Heinrich Harrer’s 1962 expedition
Iselin Archeology of Design and Ethnology: the historical perception of non-european artifacts
Isler Pictorial representations of Muhammads journey to heaven
Representations of dervishes in early Western accounts
Isler Wyss-Giacosa Kalamkari – Myth and Cloth from India
Kaiser Audio documents as artefacs? About the necessity of complementing ethnographic collections with immaterial heritage
Audiovisual Documentation of the Making and Installation of a Logdrum (Chang Naga, Northeast India)
PATCHITRA: Bengali Scroll-Painting in a Changing Environment
Kaufmann Skills in migration: Everyday life strategies of Chinese rice farmers
Kind The Bon Landscape of Dolpo, Nepal
Kümin Longterm storage of historical ethnographic photographs
IMAGES OF EXACTITUDE Drawings and photographs from brazilian expeditions during the 19th century.
Laely Cultural History Museums and Museology in Africa. Exhibiting in and on Africa South of the Sahara.
Malefakis Skill and imagination in the production of wire toys in Burundi
Making a living from old shoes. Tanzanian street vendors as urban experts
Müller Skills for a self-determined and independent living An anthropological perspective on the development of competences of blind people in the context of international policies in Uganda
N.N. The Maya Textile Collection, Guatemala
Oppitz Morphology of the shamanic drum
Himalayan Drawings
Material Culture, Oral Traditions and Identity among the Naga in Northeast-India
The Myth of Lost Scriptures
From painting to writing
Powroznik The Suriname, French Guiana and Alto Xingu Collection of Heinrich Harrer at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich
Textile Collection, Guna, Panama
Powroznik Flitsch Wernsdörfer Isler Kaiser Laely Sutter Drinking Skills Milk, Palmwine, Cassava Beer, Kava, Tea, Rice Beer
Rickli Successful ageing - for all? An Anthropological Study on the Understanding of Excluding Aged People with Disabilities from Positive Ageing Paradigms
Schaedler angry monk - reflections on tibet (a documentary film project)
Schuler Disability, Displacement, and Technology - Unfolding Dynamics of Vulnerability Categories among People with Physical Disabilities in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda
Szalay Archive Research Han Coray
Sirius! - Honey Bird! or "The Moon as a Shoe". San-Drawings
Concepts of African Art in the Collection of the Ethnographic Museum of Zurich University
Tecklenburg A study of Lakota-shamanism
Thurnherr The Working Body in Ethnographic Film
Vogelsanger Black Madonna
von Stockhausen The Image of the Naga: Visual Constructions of Cultural Identity in the Photography of the 1930ies.
von Wyss-Giacosa Images of religion in the early enlightenment. Bernard Picart's corpus of illustrations for the Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses de tous les Peuples du Monde
Pictorial ethnography of religion in European publications on Asia
Exotic Currencies
von Wyss-Giacosa Isler A European gaze at India. Travel accounts from the 16th to the 18th centuries
The Leupold collection of Northeast Borneo: objects and photographs from the 1920s
von Wyss-Giacosa Isler Vogelsanger Indian Religions Mirrored in Pictorial Representations
Wernsdörfer The Culture of the Cultural Revolution Personality Cult and Political Design in Mao Zedong’s China
Peter Aufschnaiter and Heinrich Harrer - A Comparative Ethnological Analysis
Ofuda - On the Biography of Japanese prints used by pilgrims
Wettstein The Textiles of the Ao Naga and their Meaning for Social Structure and Cultural Identity
Wickli The „Ethnologisches Museum Berlin“ on the way into the „Humboldt-Forum Berlin“
Wu Experiencing Modernisation – Work, Solidarity and Community Dynamics in Two Chinese Villages in Comparison
Academic continuity under socialist paradigms – About the ethnographic research project “Social Historical Survey of Ethnic Minorities” (1956-1964) in China
Wu Flitsch Chinese Anthropology and Anthropology of China 1949–1980

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