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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Läubli Intelligence or Intelligences: Examination of a Concept
Rother Hedonistic Philosophy
Nineteenth-Century Philosophy in Italy
Metaphysics and Ontology in Switzerland in the Age of Reformation (1519-1648)

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Baumann Pleasure in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
de Sterke The vessel of the soul
Rother Political Philosophy of the German Enlightenment
Philosophy in Basel: From the Nietzschean Era to the Recent Past
Eighteenth-Century Philosophy in Italy
Eighteenth-Century Philosophy in Spain, Portugal and Latin America
Isaak Iselin, Collected Works (Edition)
The Philosophy of Enlightenment in Northern Italy
Theologia Epicurea
Casanova’s Commentary on the Book of Genesis 1-3. Aspects of Enlightenment Philosophy and Theology
Rother Bollinger Johann Jakob Bachofen, Collected Works, Vols 5 and 9 (Edition)
Thaler Ontological dualism of images: philosophical aesthetics as a foundation of iconic hermeneutics

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