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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Brütsch The Transformations of International Trade Union Politics
Transnational transfer agents, labour rights and social policy reforms in China
Global Finance, International Organizations and Social Policy Reforms in a Developmental Context
Die IAO Ratifikationspolitik der Schweiz
Brütsch Lehmkuhl Hard, Soft, Private: Legalisation and Legalities in International Relations
Cemerin Dispute Settlement in the World Trade System: Power and Institutions in GATT/WTO Trade Conflicts
Crivelli WIRED POLITICS: How do technical infrastructures intertwine with international electricity regulation in Latin America?
Hochuli Democratic Legitimacy and Collective Action
Holitscher Internet Governance revisited: Think decentralization!
Lehmkuhl Between Transnational Take-Off and National Landing: Private Governance in Multi-level Settings
Euro-Med Transport Project
Inside-Out - New Modes of Governance in EU-Relations with Non-Member States
Private Dispute Resolution: Effective, but Legitimate and Accountable?
Lehmkuhl Ruloff Potential and Limits of Self-regulation: Private Actors in Theory and Practice
Lisenkova China's international relations with Central Eurasia: energy security and cooperation.
Manea Human Dignity and Islam: A Consequence based approach to Human Rights
Is Yemen the next Failed State?
Gender and Politics in Arab States: The Case of the Two Kuwaiti Female Ministers
The Arab Transitional State and Civil Society: Syria
Why Democracy Failed in Arab States? Check their Family Laws
The Arab State and Women's Rights: The Trap of the transitional State
Ruloff Challenges 2007-2011. Trends and Possible Future Issues in Federal Policy (Foreign Relations and the Internationale Environment)
New and old wars: relationships and interfaces
Ruloff Bernauer Trade and Environment: Compatibility of International Regimes
Ruloff Brem Challenges 2003-2007. Trends and Possible Future Issues in Federal Policy
Ruloff Schneider UNIVOX - Poll (Section Swiss Foreign Policy)
Schneider The Role of Dysfunctional International Organizations in World Politics: The Case of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Alternatives to militarisation? Emerging border control regimes at the EU’s eastern external border and changing structures of irreluglar migratory flows.
Schubiger Dynamics of Violence and Mobilization in Internal Armed Conflicts
van Eerd Democratization and Party Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

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