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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Balmelli Effective-one-body Hamiltonian with next-to-leading order spin-spin coupling for two nonprecessing black holes with aligned spins
Bondarescu Geophysical applicability of atomic clocks: direct continental geoid mapping
Bozza Weakly perturbed Schwarzschild lens in the strong deflection limit.
Calchi Novati POINT-AGAPE pixel lensing survey of M 31. Evidence for a MACHO contribution to galactic halos
The POINT-AGAPE survey - II. An unrestricted search for microlensing events towards M31
Microlensing towards LMC and M31
Microlensing towards the Large Magellanic Cloud: a study of the LMC halo contribution.
Probing MACHOs by observation of M31 pixel lensing
Microlensing towards the SMC: a new analysis of OGLE and EROS results
Chieregato Blank field sources in the ROSAT HRI Brera multiscale wavelet catalog
Q0045-3337: models including strong lensing by a spiral galaxy
XMM-Newton Detection of Pulsations and a Spectral Feature in the X-Ray Emission of the Isolated Neutron Star 1RXS J214303.7+065419/RBS 1774
De Luca Analytic Kerr black hole lensing for equatorial observers in the strong deflection limit
Analytic Kerr black hole lensing for equatorial observers in the strong deflection limit
De Vittori Gravitational waves from spinning compact binaries in hyperbolic orbits
Huwyler Parameter estimation for coalescing massive binary black holes with LISA including effects due to the eccentricity of the orbits
Testing general relativity with LISA including spin precession and higher harmonics in the waveform
Ingrosso A new analysis of the MEGA M31 microlensing events
Jetzer Microlensing towards LMC and M31
Has Dark Energy really been discovered in the Lab?
Two-body problem with the cosmological constant and observational constraints.
Josephson junctions and dark energy.
Gravitational microlensing towards M31
Microlensing towards Globular clusters
Microlensing and initial mass function of the Galactic bulge
Gravitational microlensing towards M31 (2010)
Scaling relations and connections with star formation histories (2010)
Colour and stellar population gradients in galaxies (2010)
Galaxy clusters Knowledge of the intrinsic shape of galaxy clusters (2010)
Gravitational waves and LISA (2010)
Gravitational microlensing towards M31
Strong lensing of gravitational waves as seen by LISA
LISA Pathfinder
Limits on decaying dark energy density models from the CMB temperature-redshift relation
Polarization in microlensing events towards the Galactic bulge
Lubini Probing the dark matter issue in f(R)-gravity via gravitational lensing
Multi-wavelength strong lensing analysis of baryons and dark matter in dynamically active clusters
Cosmological parameter determination in free-form strong gravitational lens modelling
Maccio' The effect of low-mass substructures on the cusp lensing relation.
Miranda Constraining Warm Dark Matter through QSO lensing
Substructures in lens galaxies
Galaxy clusters: Multi-wavelength analyses
Naef Gravitational radiation in f(R) gravity
Piffaretti Temperature and entropy profiles of nearby cooling flow clusters observed with XMM-Newton
XMM-Newton observations of the temperature structure of the central gas in cooling clusters
Thermal structure of cooling clusters
Sereno Evolution of gravitational orbits in the expanding universe
Measuring dark energy with the shear triplet statistics
On the deprojection of clusters of galaxies combining X-ray, Sunyaev-Zeldovich temperature decrement and gravitational lensing maps
Kinematic effect in gravitational lensing by clusters of galaxies
Dark matter versus modifications of the gravitational inverse-square law: results from planetary motion in the Solar system.
Measuring the Three-dimensional Structure of Galaxy Clusters. II. Are Clusters of Galaxies Oblate or Prolate?
Analytical Kerr black hole lensing in the weak deflection limit.
Solar and stellar system tests of the cosmological constant.
Tortora The Modi ed Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) Fundamental Plane (2010)
Central dark matter trends in early-type galaxies from strong lensing, dynamics and stellar populations
Gradients in real galaxies

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