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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Ponce de León The evolution of hominin birth: bringing together fossil evidence and comparative data from extant primates
Ponce de León Zollikofer Synchrotron-tomography-based reconstruction and comparative analysis of the Dmanisi hominins (Georgia)
Zollikofer Individual-based modeling of humans under climate stress
MorphoTools: an application framework for interactive morphometric analysis
Eocene anthropoid facial morphology
Developmental and behavioral indicators of hominoid long bone shape variation
Computer-assisted reconstruction of the Sahelanthropus early hominid remains
Bipedal locomotion and long bone morphology
Evolution of cranial ontogeny in hominoid primates
Late Neanderthal morphology and paleopathology
The Lapedo child: cranial reconstruction and morphometry
Zollikofer Ponce de León Hominoid endocranial and brain morphology in evolutionary and developmental context
Digital documentation and comparative analysis of new finds from the site of Dmanisi, Georgia
CT-based reconstruction and comparative analysis of the Dmanisi hominins

Last update 01.02.2015