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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Michel Commentary: Own Arrangements for Care and Statutory Measures, Art. 360 - 387 Swiss Civil Code
Medical Treatment of Children and Adolescents

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
del Rocio Franch Law, Media and the Best Interest of the Child (Thesis)
Meier Research with Psychotropic Drugs in the Psychiatric Hospital Münsterlingen Switzerland, 1946 - 1972
Michel Legal Animal Studies
Medical Law - An Introduction (Textbook)
Adult Guardianship Law: Placement in Institutions - Lessons Learned? An Analysis of Current Swiss Legislation and Case Law Considering the Historical Perspective
Commentary: Children in Family Law Proceedings, Art. 297 - 301a Swiss Code of Civil Procedure
Ethics in Children's Hospital: Physicians' Duty to Inform Patients
Commentary: Effects of Parents-Child-Relationship, Art. 270 - 295 Swiss Civil Code
Animals and the Law
Eurogroup for Animal Law Studies (EGALS), Research Platform
Advance Directives
Instrumentalisation and Dignity of Living Beings
Law and Animals - An Introduction in Current Animal Protection Legislation
Michel Ammann Engi Christensen Dignity of Living Beings - Current Debates and New Perspectives
Michel Christensen Connections between Ethics and Law in Biomedicine: Best Interests of the Child in Highly Specialized Medicine
Michel Fehlmann Niederhauser Animals and Sciences
Michel Gächter Adult and Child Protection: Costs, Liability, Exchange of Information and the Interface with Social Security Law Presentation, Workshops
Michel Gareus Expertises in Child and Adult Protection Proceedings

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