Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert

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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Niebert Germany – Europe – World 2042: A Transformative Longitudinal Study

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Amin Conceptual metaphor and embodied cognition in science learning
Dannemann Case Studies in Teaching and Learning Biology
Getzin "Degrowth Education" and education for socio-ecological transforamation
Sustainability awareness of youth in India and Ghana
Kosler Science education for sustainable development in early childhood and primary school
Kueckens Students' Conceptions on Soil
Kückens Niebert Learning Decision Making in Socioscientific Issues in the Anthropocene
Müller Letters on Transformation
Niebert Multiple Representations in Science and Sustainability Learning
Development of a multi perspective video database on heterogenity in teaching and learning
Conceptual Change by Metaphorical Change
Communicating the concept of virtual water – education for a sustainable consume
Embodying Climate Change to Understand Global Warming
Sam Interactive and Inductive Teaching of coordination chemistry, using concept development: Case studies in a Ghanaian University context.
Thomas Graduate capabilities to contribute to a more sustainable future – An emerging field of research in education for sustainability

Last update 24.10.2016