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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Bickel Linguistic Morphology in Time and Space (LiMiTS)
Sommer The impact of diachronic and diatopic interaction on morphology: a case study from Baltic
Widmer Possession in Vedic Sanskrit: Functional domains and inventory of linguistic expressions
The Diachrony of Agreement Systems: Welsh - Breton - German (and other Germanic languages)
Widmer Bickel The Evolution of Noun Phrases in Indo-Iranian: empirical foundations and theoretical modeling
Widmer Malinar Online edition of the Paippalada recension of the Atharvaveda

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bickel Hierarchical structure in noun phrases and compounds
Erlach The reconstruction of the verbal endings of the 1st and 2nd plural and dual in Proto-Indo-European
Schnabel An Buhez Sante Barba – a Breton play in a European context
Schweri Litscher The Language of Bacchylides (PhD Thesis)
Sommer Clause Linkage in Young Avestan
Widmer Critical edition of the Middle Breton Buhez sante Barba
Baltic morphosyntax in space and time
Widmer Scarlata Rigvedic copredicative nominal compounds

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