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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Eberle Evaluation of the Reform of Matura Exams MAR 95 (EVAMAR), 2nd. Phase
Additional Evaluation of the Reform of Matura Exams MAR 95 (EVAMAR) in the canton of Zurich
Evaluation of "Iconomix"
Action- and Problem-Oriented Teaching (APT) in Complex Learning and Instruction Environments in Secondary Education (preacademic)
Evaluation Study: Implementation and Effects of Problem Based Learning
Problem-based and Dialogic Learning in Complex Learning and Teaching Environments in Upper Secondary Education
Basic Concepts of a New Didactics of University Teaching: Two Examples from the Discipline of Economics
Eberle Brüggenbrock basic study competencies in Mathematics, German, French and Italian
BiGym – The quality of education at grammar schools in Switzerland
Eberle Holtsch Leading House Learning and Instruction for Commercial Apprentices
Eberle Oepke Study-ability of High School Graduates
Eberle Schumann Economic Competencies at the End of Secondary Education in Switzerland
Eberle Schumann Kaufmann Ackermann Civic-economic competence: Modeling and measuring

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