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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Freund Fellowships for the International Max Planck Research School LIFE at the University of Zurich
International Max Planck Research School (LIFE)
Hanoch Freund Risk taking differences across the adult lifespan
Napolitano Time for Plan B? Testing for age-related differences in the use, utility, and efficiency of backup plans
Nikitin Changes in adaptivity of social approach and avoidance behavior across adulthood

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Demiray Batur Recalling our personal past: Autobiographical memory as a psychosocial resource to enhance well-being
Peer Mentoring Gruppe "R Group"
Depping Decisions over the life span: Do young and older adults differ with respect to information seeking when making decisions?
Health-related decision making in older patients - Entscheidungen älterer Patienten im Gesundheitsbereich
Freund Readiness to disengage from motivational conflict: Adult age differences and implications for emotional experiences
How to beat procrastination: The role of goal focus
Gain and loss orientation in adulthood
Age-related consequences of gain and loss motivation
Process and outcome focus: The role of age
Emotional, cognitive, and motivational aspects of goal conflict
Managing multiple roles
Freund Nikitin Why is social avoidance motivation detrimental to young but not older adults?
Freund Röcke Fighting weight problems in adolescents: The role of goal focus
Hennecke Attribution of success and failure during the pursuit of exercising goals: Wrong means or wrong goal?
Bringing and keeping your weight down: The role of goal focus for engaging and maintaining a weight-loss program
Job Sutnar Effects of implicit theories about willpower on self-regulation, goal striving, and well-being: A life-span perspective
Knecht Coping with multiple roles in daily life
Krause The role of goal focus in changes in procrastination over the life course
Krause Schaffhuser Peer Mentoring Group "MuSt - Methods and Statistics"
Mustafic Change and stability goal orientaton: Specificity and adaptivity of process and outcome goal focus
Nikitin Motivational-Based Experience of Social Interactions in Daily Life: An Intervention Study
Simultaneous activation of social approach and avoidance motives
Nikitin Freund Social approach and avoidance motivation: The role of age
Ritter Value orientation over the life span
Effects of the restriction of options in choice situations
Restriction of options in choice situations
Effect of restrictions in selection options on choice processes
Röcke What good are positive illusions in adopting and maintaining a weight-loss goal?
Seiger The role of social support in the transition back to work after a maternity leave
Senko Achievement motivation and growth vs. maintenance goals
Weiss The impact of aging-related changes on implicit and explicit attitudes
Wiese Self-management and career success

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