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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Dernbach-Stolz Vocational Education at the "École de la 2e chance" in Luxembourg

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Büchel Political and convention theoretical developments of the vocational education reform in Canton Luzern from 1957 to 1973
Dernbach-Stolz The Swiss and Finnish Vocational Education and Training System from a Comparative Perspective
Eigenmann Self-organized (vocational) education of Italian migrant workers in Switzerland (1950-1990)
Gonon CROSSLIFE - EU Curriculum Development Program
Statistical Classification of Higher Vocational Education in Switzerland
Vocational further education in the canton of Zurich
Vocational Education 2.0 - Entrepreneurship as a perspective of transformation
Beyond the Reach of World-Culture? A Comparative Case Study of Curriculum-Making at the Secondary Level in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with Special Reference to Vocationalised General Education
From the Former Master Apprenticeship to Modern Dual Vocational Education
Best-practice adult education in SME (small and medium enterprises)
SME and the role of continuing education
Gonon Berner Development and dynamics of the Swiss vocational education system
Gonon Brühwiler Youth at Risk in Transition - Project GÜRB
Gonon Fischer Evaluation of Swiss Vocational and Education Research SBFI (Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation)
Gonon Kessler "Future Learning" – Tablet-learning at Intercompany Courses in Vocational Education and Training
Gonon Stolz Zurich as a location for education
Career Orientation and management of transitions in the international Bodensee Region
Gonon Zehnder Educational Standard Assessment System for International Hotel Schools
Hippach-Schneider Gonon Recruitment of middle-level qualified personnel: case studies from Germany, England and Switzerland
Jäger Entrepreneurship-Education and academic innovation in VET using the example of a swiss vocational school - a pilot.
Evaluation of in-firm training. The efforts (oder meint ihr "services"?) of the Division of In-Firm Training of the Department of Upper Secondary and Vocational Education of the Canton of Zurich
Vocational education training in context - commentated and tabulated representation of VET and upper secondary education in the canton of Zurich 2010
New approaches of Entrepreneurship Education - an interdisciplinary model.
Kraus Earning-oriented pedagogy: From vocation towards employability? Considerations about the linkage betweeen pedagogy, the individual and the sphere of earning
A reference model for selected professions in the health and social care sector
The "learning site" in vocational education in a perspective of social space theory
Kraus Gonon Crossborder cooperation between training instituions for labatory stuff in Germany and Luxemburg
Crossborder cooperation in initial and further training in healthcare profession (Germany and Luxemburg)
Regulated furhter eduction as a chance for international mobility
Maurer Evaluation of SDC’s vocational skills development activities
Evaluation of SDC's Vocational Skills Development Activities
The developoment of vocational education training systems in South Asia and Western Africa
Pieneck School Improvement and School-Intern Further Teacher Education in Vocational Schools in the Canton of Zurich - An Empirical Study about the Transference Success in Pedagogic Practice
Schmid Apprenticeship contract termination in the Canton of Zurich
Schmid Gonon Transition to Tertiary Education after Apprenticeship Training (VET)
Stolz Evaluation of teaching material for couselling and the related classes within vocational secondary education
Training the Trainers in Luxembourg
European comparison of structures, instruments and strategies of successful vocational orientation for young people with poor prerequisites - EVCO
National Reforms in a Global Context: A Comparison of the Finnish and Swiss Vocational Education and Training Systems
Weil Co-operation for further education within small and medium enterprises
Zehnder Investment in Forms in the Swiss Vocational Education during the 1990s. Sharing Responsibilities, Financing, Permeability and Governance

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