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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Dlabac The democratic foundations of the Just City
Social mixing in urban public schools - a political task? (Pilot study: Zurich)
Kübler Gundelach What is political about consumerism? Political Consumerism in Switzerland
Kübler Milic Post-vote Surveys and Analysis of popular votes at the federal Level in Switzerland (VOTO-Analysis
Kübler Milic Bochsler Dataset Swiss elections and Referendums 2016-2019

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bühlmann Merkel Democracy Barometer
Frey Feasibility study for an economic evaluation of prevention measures in the field of HIV and STI
Evidence-based HIV/STI Policy. An application-oriented research project for the improvement of HIV/STI surveillance.
Frey Kübler Bonfadelli Widmer Evaluation of the Communication Strategy for the Prevention of Seasonal Flu
Greuter Accountability without Election: the Attribution of Responsibility in the Financial Crisis 2007
Koch Rohner Democratic Effects of Local Government Reforms
Kübler The city of Uster in its regional context - a governance analysis of the 'Zwischenstadt'
Comparison of cantonal policy designs for integration agreements
Urbanism in the S5-Region: political profiles and urban development
Direct democracy and political communication in the information society. Challenges for the canton of Argovia
Governance and administration in megacities: Chinese and European perspective (institutional partnership)
Linguistic representation in the federal public administratoin: analysis of recruitment processes and strategies
Political science expertise concerning the popular initiative "Für die Stärkung der Volksrechte in der Aussenpolitik (Staatsverträge vors Volk)"
Study of the Swiss Addiction Policy: Advocacy Coalitions in the Swiss Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Policy
Democracy after municipal amalgamations: A case study from the city of Aarau
Top Management and Multilingualism in the Swiss Federal administration
Follow-up survey of the municipal vote of 18 October 2015 in Hombrechtikon (ZH)
Urban ‘foreign policy’ and domestic dilemmas in Swiss and European city regions. Local, regional and multi-level impacts of transnational city cooperation
School governance and the participation of laymen
Improving cooperation structures in the Zurich metropolitan area
Urban Ruptures/Local Interventions: Perspectives of a Suburban Planning
Peripheral Regions in Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegovina : territorial organisation and inter-regional co-operation. Challenging ideologies with strategic planning
Assessing the trend towards new regionalism
Cantonal strategies for the development of metropolitan areas: potential and limits
Multilingualism of the Swiss Confederation. Linguistic representation and practices in the federal public administration
Analysis of family policy in Swiss cantons and cities
Kübler Dlabac Militia organisation of municipal executives
Kübler Frey Analysis of the prevention of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections in the canton of Geneva in taking into account the new National Programme on HIV and other STIs 2011-2017
Evidence-based HIV/STI Policy. An application-oriented research project for the improvement of HIV/STI surveillance. Conintuation.
Kübler Marcinkowski Cleavages, governance and the media in European metropolitan areas
Political behaviour and attitudes in times of new regionalism and mediatisation
Kübler Ziegler Evaluation of civic education on the EU in German high school classes
Kübler Ziegler Derwing PlaySwisssLex. A new tool for Civic Education in Swiss Politics
Ladner EU Profiler - a voting advice application for the European Parliament Elections 2009
Plüss Challenges to urban democracy. City councillors in new governance contexts.
Schwarz Smartmonitor - a legislative database
Stojanovic Ethnic Quotas and Representation of Minorities in Local Politics in Bosnia
The Swiss Contribution to Constitutional Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)
The Swiss Contribution to Constitutional Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2)
van der Heiden Participation in land use planning
Participation of adolescent persons
Vatter Bühlmann The quality of democracy in Swiss Cantons
Widmer The Impact of Federal Agglomeration Policy on Swiss Federalism: Governance Change in Swiss Metropolitan Areas

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