Prof. Dr. Dorothea Lüddeckens

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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Aeschbach Delineating the Boundaries of National Identity: Discourse on Islam in Switzerland across German-Speaking (digital)Media Platforms
Brandt Islam, Pluralisation and Gender: The Tunesian movement “al-Nahda”
Coste Alternative Religiosity and Informal Networks
Lüddeckens Alternative Religiosity and Spirituality in a Swiss Palliative Care Unit
Religion and Medicine
Rageth Siddha Medicine in the Context of Neo-Hindu Organizations in Contemporary South India: the Convergence of Religion and Medicine
Ruther Contemporary Alternative Death Rituals in Switzerland
Schellenberg Assessment of students’ competencies in the school subject “Religion and Culture”
Thönnes The Sociology of Dying: Institutionalization and Individualization as Basic Topics of Qualitative Studies in Thanatosociology

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Baumann-Neuhaus Faith - learnt, induced and applied. Post-modern religion of experience between individual life design and congregational processes; a case study about "charismatics" in a local reformed church in Winterthur.
Grigo Visible Markers of Religious Identity in Public Debate: Religious Clothing
Hetmanczyk Begräbnispraxis in China zwischen "Wirtschaftsrationalität" und "Verschwendung" - eine Untersuchung zur Rolle ökonomischer Klassifikationen innerhalb einer modernen Konzeption von Religion
Jelinek-Menke Religion and Dis/ability. Disablement and Enablement in Religious Contexts.
Kestler Visible Markers of Religious Identity in Public Debate: Religious Architecture
Lüddeckens The perception of death rituals by the Parsees of Mumbai (India)
Development and Differentiation of Theology within contemporary Zoroastrianism
Lüddeckens Uehlinger Walthert Visible Markers of Religious Identity in Public Debate
Lüddeckens Walthert Alternative Religiosity and it's Consequences at the End of Life
Mezger Spiritual Care in Swiss Hospitals between Christian and Alternative Religiosity
Rudolph Lüddeckens Uehlinger Islamic community leadership training and religious education in Switzerland?
Studer Religious socialisation of children and adolescents in a increasingly multi-cultural and multi-religious society
Walthert Religious rituals and the social order
Reflexive Community. Religion, Tradition, and Conflict in the Parsi Community in India
Zeugin Self-Empowerment at the End of Life: Alternative End-of-Life Care in Switzerland from a Religious Studies’ Perspective
Zimmermann Childbirth - areas of conflict between religious perceptions and clinical claims

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