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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bogdandy/Cruz Villalon/Huber Ius Publicum Europaeum (European Public Law)
Brunner Keller 20 Years of Environmental Law in Switzerland
Bürli Amicus Curiae before the European Court of Human Rights
Cirigliano Experiments with the People: Argovian Citizenship 1803-1848. A Contribution to the History and Theory of Public Law (working title)
Civitella Minority rights and armed conflicts
Fischer Ethics and Interpretive Creativity in International Law
Judicial Discretion and the Creativity of Interpretation in International Law
Forowicz Thesis: The Reception of International Law in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights
Hartmann The Protection of Minorities in Armed Conflict
Heri The Concept of Vulnerability and Article 3 ECHR: Developments in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Hoch Accountability for human rights violations in de facto states: Implications for applicability of international human rights law from the perspective of the European Court of Human Rights
Keller The evolutive interpretation of the ICCPR through General Comments and the legitimacy question
Friendly Settlements before the European Court of Human Rights
Codes of Conduct and the Question of Legitimacy
Reception of the European Convention of Human Rights in Switzerland and Poland
Sustainability in National and International Law
Keller Bertschi Chances of the 14th Protocol of the ECHR
Keller Büchler Family Forms and Parenthood - Theory and Practice of Article 8 ECHR in Europe
Keller Thurnheer Taking International Law Seriously
Keller/Thurnherr NGO and locus standi in environmental proceedings in Swiss national law. Recent developments and critique.
Lanter The local remedies rule of Article 35 (1) ECHR and its effects on the protection of human rights in Switzerland
Thesis: The Local Remedies Rule of Article 35 (1) ECHR and its Effect on the Protection of Human Rights in Switzerland
Leutert Costs of Demonstrations or Manifestations
Marti Supranationalization of International Law (working title)
The European Convention on Human Rights – Towards a Supranational Legal Order?
Ravasi What is equivalent protection? Dogmatic analysis of the principle of equivalent protection in the case-law of the ECtHR and examination of the ECHR-equivalency of the EU legal order in selected fields
Schädler Freedom of Religion as the Responsibility of the State: Limitations and Duties to Ensure Religious Freedom: An Analysis from the Point of View of Fundamental and Human Rights as Well as Security and Criminal Law
Schnell Thesis: Free Movement of Persons in Switzerland
Sigron Compensation and Legitimate Expectations under P1-1 to the ECHR
Stone Sweet Trechsel Keller The Reception of the European Convention of Human Rights in Europe
Suter China in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Tracing Chinese Concepts of International Law
von Arb Enforcement of Environmental Law: The Public International Law Instruments for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

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