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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Donatsch Textbook: Criminal Law II, Punishment and security measures, 9th edition, Schwarzenegger/Hug/Jositsch (ed. by A. Donatsch)
Commentary on the Federal Criminal Procedure Code
Killias „Adult time for adult crime“ Juveniles between Juvenile and Adult Criminal Law (doctoral dissertation, Brigitte Stump)
Leader Local Crime prevention and improving quality of life (Langstrasse PLUS)
Miyazawa Translation of the Swiss Penal Code into Japanese
Niggli Wiprächtiger Commentary on the Swiss Penal Code - Homicide, Abortion (Basle Commentary, 3. ed.)
Commentary on the Swiss Penal Code - Homicide, Abortion (Basle Commentary, 2. ed.)
Prengel The importance of the reverse burden of proof in the recovery of the proceeds of crime from both a comparative an international perspective
Scalva Euthanasia in Italy and Switzerland - A comparative study
Schwarzenegger The implementation of the Cybercrime Convention in Switzerland using the example of Damage to data according to article 144bis of the Swiss Criminal Code (doctoral dissertatin, Annina Baltisser)
Commission to assess offenders dangerous to public safety (doctoral disseration, Barbara Rohner)
Victimisation of elderly people and fear of crime (doctoral dissertation; David Studer)
School survey on experience of crime of juveniles in Austria (ISRD-3)
Victimization survey among Austria's elderly people
Regional crime analysis Linz, Graz, and Innsbruck
Evaluation of the pilot project „Modellversuch Risikoorientierter Sanktionenvollzug ROS“
Fifth Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Prestudy of the project "Police and penal measures against domestic violence - practice and efficacy evaluation"
Encouraging prostitution (Art. 195 Swiss Criminal Code) (doctoral dissertation, Kathrin Heinzel)
Pedocriminality in the internet and undercover investigation (doctoral dissertation, Sandra Muggli)
How satisfied are burglary victims with the police activity in 2012?
How satisfied are people involved in a traffic accident with the police activity in 2013?
How satisfied are victims of a violent crime with the police activity in 2014?
Plea Bargaining in the current practice of Switzerland (Art. 358 ff. StPO) (doctoral dissertation, Angela Giger)
Electronic Monitoring (doctoral dissertation, Jasmine Stössel)
Domestic Violence (doctoral dissertation, Rahel Fischbacher)
Online streaming of copyrighted content - an evaluation from the perspective of the Swiss copyright and criminal law (doctoral dissertation, Simon Böhi)
Commentary on Art. 18a IRSG
Sixth Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Seventh Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
The risk-oriented penal system (ROS) with a focus on the triage tool "FsST" (doctoral dissertation, Mirjam Loewe)
trafficking in human beings
Textbook: Criminal trial law, 2nd edition, Donatsch/Schwarzenegger/Wohlers (ed. by A. Donatsch)
Police and penal measures against domestic violence - practice and efficacy evaluation
"Best practices" in crime prevention
Standard indicators for the security situation regarding criminality in Austria
Eight Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Ninth Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Stalking (doctoral dissertation, Aurelia Gurt)
Police and penal measures against domestic violence - practice and efficacy evaluation
Workshop on lay judges
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How satisfied are burglary victims with the police activity in 2015?
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Attitudes of Swiss Population, Physicians and Lawyers
Juvenile Violence: a Feasibility Study for a National Survey of Self-Reported Vio-lence
Trafficking in Human Beings (doctoral dissertation, Nevin Karabayir)
The Protection of Journalists`Sources (doctoral dissertation, Denise Schmohl)
Late-Term Abortion
Limitation of Medical Research by Criminal Law
Joint Investigation Teams (doctoral dissertation, Nadine Zurkinden)
Similar Sentences and Principle of Asperity (Art. 49 Swiss Penal Law)
Transplantation Law
Media Reports, Policy Making and Legal Sanctions. An Analysis of Criticism of the New Penal Code, with Special Focus on Speeding Drivers (doctoral dissertation, Silja Bürgi)
The Concurrence of Crimes and Consequences for Punishment (Art. 49 Swiss Penal Code) (doctoral dissertation, Sonja Koch)
Juvenile Criminal Law: Repeat Offenders (doctoral dissertation, Viviane Freihofer)
Juristiction in a multilevel system (doctoral dissertation, Sarah Wirz)
Confiscated Criminal Assets – Restitution and Utilisation in favour of the Victims of Crime (Art. 70 para. 1; Art. 73 Swiss Penal Code) (doctoral dissertation, Nadia Flury-Wyrsch)
The Emergence of EU Criminal Law: Cybercrime and the Regulation of the Information Society
Swiss-Japanese conference dealing with international network crimes, network security and the adaptation of national law to cross-border cybercrime
Crime analysis, crime mapping and prevention measures
Protective Measures in the Juvenile Criminal Code (doctoral dissertation, Nicole Holderegger)
Cybersex (doctoral dissertation, Daniel Koller)
Hacking into Computer Systems – a Comparative Perspective (Switzerland, Council of Europe, European Union, Germany, Austria) (doctoral dissertation, Christa Pfister)
Stalking: A Comparative Analysis of the Social Problem and its Regulation in the Californian and Swiss Penal Codes (doctoral dissertation, Orlando Vanoli)
The Status of Victims in International Criminal Law with particular consideration of the Statute of the International Criminal Court (doctoral dissertation, Omar Abo Youssef)
Second Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Crime forecasting aiming at crime prevention (general criminality, juvenile delinquency)
Euthanasia of newborns from a criminal legal perspective (doctoral dissertation, Christian Bänziger)
Monetary Sanctions in the Swiss Penal Code (doctoral dissertation, Sandro Cimichella)
Mediation in Juvenile Criminal Law (doctoral dissertation, Sylvan Fahrni)
Extradition (doctoral dissertation, Stefan Heimgartner)
Recidivism among Violent and Serial Offenders (doctoral dissertation, Thomas Noll)
Is Spamming a Crime? International Perspectives and the Legal Situation in Switzerland (doctoral dissertation, Carlo Iazeolla)
Parental Custody from a Criminal Legal Perspective (art. 219 Swiss Penal Code) (doctoral dissertation, Barbara Loppacher)
Affect and Swiss Criminal Law (emotional states of mind as mitigating circumstances) (doctoral dissertation, Gian Ege)
Battered Women who Kill and other States of Necessity – Justification or Exculpation? (doctoral dissertation, Gian Martin)
The Criminal Responsibility for Hyperlinks in Comparative Perspective (Switzerland - Germany) (doctoral dissertation, Stephanie Müller)
Third Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Shoot to Kill: The Police Use of Deadly Force (doctoral dissertation, Laura Müller)
Fourth Zurich Forum for Crime Prevention
Auction Fraud with particular reference to New Communication Tools (doctoral dissertation, Rosemarie Teunisse)
Mediation in Criminal Matters – Empirical Evidence and the Legal Position in Switzerland (doctoral dissertation, Veio Zanolini)
Hunger strike
Swiss-Japanese Conference of Criminal Law Scholars
Mediation in Criminal Law in the Canton of Zürich: A Criminological Evaluation of the Pilot Project
Schwarzenegger Okaue Translation of the Japanese Penal Code into German
Schwazenegger abortion and euthanasia
Wohlers The privilege against self-incrimination (doctoral dissertation, Dominique Ott)

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