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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Forstmoser (Co-)Editor of series of publications
Stockholder agreements
Additional obligations for associates in a limited liability company
Publications in capital market law
Pursuance of the developments in corporation and securities law
Swiss company law
Directors and Officers liability in stock corporation law
Chairman of commission of experts regarding the revision of the investment funds law
Publications in corporate law
Publications in information and data protection law
Capital reduction, These
The amalgamation of investment funds, These
Introduction to law
Swiss stock corporation law
Juristic working
Personal liability in swiss stock corporation law
The new law on limited liability companies, Introduction and synoptical demonstration
Author of commentaries of the law of cooperatives
Regulation, constitution and distribution of Hedge Funds in Switzerland, These
The use of information in a Financial Services Conglomerate, These
The limited liability company, These
The limited partnership for collective investments as a limited partnership under swiss law
Liability of the polluter in swiss law and esp. Art. 32bbis USG, These
Self-regulation by stock exchanges, These
Privatisations, These
The transformation of companies under public law according to the new law on mergers, These
Re-Insurances, These
The swiss directors and officers liabiltity and its insurability, These
The use of new media at the general meeting, in particular regarding the execution of the gerneral meeting on different locations, These
Banking Law, These
Corporate Governance in small and medium companies, These
Options and other payouts for stockholders, These
Concerted Conduct in Stock Exchange Law, These
Preference Shares, These
Replacement of equity in corporations and limited liability companies, a comparative synopsis, Habil
Annual Auditor and Corporate Governance, These
Venture Capital investitions from the venture capitalists point of view, These
Changing of trade name law, These
The protection of creditors in the swiss limited liability company - de lege lata and de lege ferenda, These
The effects of deficiencies in decisions made by the general assembly in limited stock corporations, These
The directors duty of good faith, These
Benefits to close persons, These
The handling of options in stock exchange law, These
The capital transfer according to the new rules of the merger law - national and international, These
The Investment company (SICAV) for collective capital investments, These

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