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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Aebi-Müller Fellmann Gächter Tag Textbook:: Law of the medical profession in Switzerland
Baumann Thesis: The Principle of Solidarity in Swiss Social Insurance Law
Article: Risk adjustment in Swiss Health Insurance
Article: Solidarity in Swiss Health Insurance Law
Biaggini Gächter Kiener Textbook: Swiss Constitutional Law
Büchler Gächter Textbook: Medical Law in Switzerland (2nd edition)
Caroni Gächter Thurnherr Commentary: Law on Migration
Gächter Minimal claims in health care and for people working in the health care system
Structure of Swiss Social Security Law
Inpatient-outpatient transitions in the era of DRGs: the legal framework and current practice
Principles of Swiss social insurance law. The Swiss social insurance law in the context of international public law, constitutional law and administrative law
Article: Prohibited use of germ cells from deceased persons
General Principles of Social Security Law (GPSoc)
Collection of all legislation concerning Swiss Social Insurance Law, Third Edition
Symposium: Legal questions in the context of the cooperation between different branches of social security
Article: Unmarried couples in social insurance law
Textbook: Social Insurance Law (Introduction)
Medical Law
Social Security Law
Textbook: Swiss Medical Law and Public Health Law
Limits of performance degradation in social security law
Textbook: Social Insurance Law (Introduction)
Symposium: Coordination of Social Security in the European Union and Swiss Legislation
Founding principles of coordination in Swiss social insurance law
Generic medicines in Swiss health insurance law
Gächter Geiser Schneider Commentary on the Swiss Pension Funds Law (2nd edition)
Commentary: Swiss Pension Fund Law
Gächter Jaag Symposium: The new legislation on the primary school system of Zurich
Gächter Rütsche Textbook: Swiss Public Health Law (4th edition)
Gächter Schwendener Symposium: Legal questions on the concept of disease
Symposium: Legal questions on the concept of disease in Swiss Social Security Law
Leu Thesis: Die arbeitsmarktlichen Massnahmen im Rahmen der Arbeitslosenversicherung in der Schweiz
Schwendener Thesis: The concept of disease (art. 3 ATSG)
Article: Crime as accident - rape under the aspect of Social Insurance Law
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