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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Bickel AUTOTYP: developing a network of typological databases
Jenny Historical syntax of Austroasiatic languages - typological and areal implications
Stoll The acquisition of Chintang
Weymuth A Grammar of Rumai Palaung

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Baumann A collostructional approach to verb serialization in Akan
Bickel Referential hierarchies in morphosyntax: differential agreement in Chintang and differential case marking in Nepali
Ergativity in comprehension and production: language typology and processing
Distributional typology
Towards a corpus-based typology of clause linkage
Typological variation in the processing of grammatical relations
The relative frequencies of nouns, pronouns, and verbs cross-linguistically
Hierarchical structure in noun phrases and compounds
Linguistic Morphology in Time and Space (LiMiTS)
The Evolution of Language: an Integrative Approach
Documentation and analysis of Chintang (Sino-Tibetan, Nepal)
Bickel Filchenko Comprehensive Documentation and Analysis of Two Endangered Siberian Languages: legacy data and last speakers of Eastern Khanty and Southern Selkup
Iemmolo Case and agreement in comparison
Jenny Language use in Northern Myanmar – impact of bilingualism on language and identity
The Greater Burma zone - a transitional zone of languages and peoples
Typology of Austroasiatic languages
Comprehensive grammar of modern Burmese
The Mon language of Myanmar and Thailand - language contact and history
Moran PHOIBLE: Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon
Dogon Languages Project
Geography and Language
Naumann Moran Tsammalex: A lexical database on plants and animals
Weber Differential Agent Marking: towards a crosslinguistic typology
Zakharko Referentiality

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