Prof. Dr. Michael Thali

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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Arora Genetic diversity of a re-emerging bacterial epidemic
Arora Matias Rodrigues Microbial forensis: in silico assessment on microbial species suitable for body fluid identification
Haas Arora Swiss Population Genomics - a pilot study in Lötschental
Fine-scale population genetic structure in Switzerland

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Ampanozi Radiological-pathological correlation in Forensics
Deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities in cases of thromboembolism of the pulmonary arteries
Epi-/Paracardial fatty tissue correlation to coronary stenosis
Reliability of Sentinel Clot sign in PMCT for detection of abdominal bleeding source
Arora Haas Population genomic structure in Switzerland
Bartsch Suicide in old age
Injury pattern in cyclists after fatal traffic accidents
Assisted suicide in Switzerland
Charcoal burning suicides
Baumgartner Consumption Monitoring in Toenail Scrapings and Clippings of Chronic Cocaine Consumers Using a Validated LC-MS/MS Procedure
Berger Cerebral Edema on Postmortem Computed Tomography compared to Forensic Autopsy
More than meets the eye: Bulbus occuli in postmortem computed tomography
Gone missing: Characteristics of subdural hematoma on ante- and postmortem computed tomography
Binz Incorporation and Analysis of Endogenous Compounds in Hair
Bolliger Correlation of fat embolism and trauma - retrospective study.
Movement of ferromagnetic projectiles in biological tissue compared to gelatine
Creation of a synthetic lung for ballistic testing
Flight behaviour of knives
Injury to the auditory ossicles
Breitbeck Virtobot 2.0 - A Robot System For Optical 3D Scanning In Forensic Medicine
Ebert Robotics in Forensic/Virtobot development
The forensic holodeck
OsiriX plugin for gesture control using the leap motion controller
Computer-assisted virtual autopsy using surgical navigation techniques
Dual Energy CT for material differentiations of dental restauration materials
Flach Body Packing and forensic-radiological Evaluation
New contrast media mixture for PMCTA
PMMR with dynamic imaging in pulmonary throbembolism comapred to autopsy and histology
Alcohol spectroscopy om PMMR in correlation with autopsy and toxicology
Franckenberg Postmortem Ventilation
MR Examination of strangulation cases
Correlation CT-Angiography and MRI in cases of survived strangulation
Postmortem computed tomography-angiography (PMCTA) in decomposed bodies – a foul business?
3T MRI of neck and head in cases of survived strangulation
Haas mRNA profiling for body fluid identification
Genetics of alcohol response
Identification of skeletal remains of Swiss national hero Joerg Jenatsch
Genetic determinants in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sudden unexplained death syndrome (SUDS)
Krämer Metabolite to Parent Drug Ratios of Tramadol in Hair for the Differentiation of Tramadol Intake from External Contamination
Kraemer New Technologies and Techniques in Forensic Toxicology - Focused on Alternative Matrices
Evaluation of Emerging Liquid Chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric (Imaging) Techniques for Their Application in Forensic Toxicology
Laberke Fist size/heart size correlation
Lackner Forensic Ballistics
Martinez Postmortem Biopsy
The paediatric virtual autopsy trial: minimally invasive, imaging guided virtual autopsy compared to conventional autopsy in foetal, newborn and infant cases.
Comparative study of postmortem biochemistry in vitreous and aquosus humor
Martos 3D accident and incident reconstruction
Mund Forensic Odontology
Rebmann Mobile Computing in Forensic
Ross Postmortem Angiography
Ruder Modern Radiology in Forensic application
Evaluation of post-mortem CT and traditional autopsy with regard to the cause of death as defined in the final forensic report
Legal aspects of identification trough dental CT
Distenstion of the inferior cava vein in cardiac death
Edema is a sign of early acute myocardial infarction on post-mortem magnetic resonance imaging
Quantification of pleural effusion from single area measurements on CT
Evaluation of post-mortem dental CT in mass disaster victim identification
The Forensic Reference Phantom-a new tool for quality assurance of attenuation measurements in forensic radiology
Subdural hematoma on PMCT in comparison to AMCT
Schweitzer Lung CT in hypothermia
Lung CT in certain violent death cases
Analysis of Youtube-Videos containing choke out
Fractures in CT of the head
CT and gas / air
Forensic post mortem CT imaging
Steuer Method development and validation for the quantification of antidepressants in whole blood
Multitarget Screening (MTS)
Detection of Designer Drugs in Oral Fluid
Systematic investigation of the incorporation of zolpidem in nails
Interaction potential of designer drugs towards neurotransmitter metabolism
SWATH for QUAL/QUAN Analysis
Systematic studies on postmortem toxicology
Systematic Studies on Postmortem Redistribution
New -Omics Technologies/Strategies in Forensic Toxicology
Szendefi Screening methods in first drink-driving offenders
Thali Virtopsy - 3D Imaging in Forensics
Thiele Maintaining abstinence during methadone substitution: a retrospective study in the Department of Traffic Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry, Institute of Legal and Forensic Medicine, University of Zurich
Wick The evaluation of driving capability in cases of suspected THC-consumption – how frequent are cheatings on urine tests?
Evaluation of a new method for alcohol diagnostic in traffic medicine
Experiences with the application of the hair analysis on ethyl glucuronide in the traffic medicine in Switzerland
Information about alcohol-related problems in external medical reports - Relevance to traffic safety assessment
Alcohol parameters in traffic medicine: What is the best screening method?
The medical controlled ride
Via sicura: Decrease of the blood alcohol limit from 2.5 to 1.6 g/kg to undergo an expert medical review in drivers with a first drink-driving offence – the meaning for traffic medicine
Driving capability of Persons with an Alcohol-problem. A retrospective study
Via sicura: Changes to the Swiss Road Traffic Act Since July 1st 2014 and their Impact on Traffic Medicine in Switzerland

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