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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Babusiaux Thier Validity-preserving reduction in Swiss contract law
Brunschwig Multisensory Law - A New Legal Discipline
Dusil The Formation of Law: Canonical Collections of the Gregorian Reform Age between Tradition and Realignment
Geyer Pictures of governmental power and its relationship to law between the middle ages and the early modern time.
Grigoleit Change of Circumstances - Legal History
Mühlemann Law of Contracts in China
Intellectual property rights in the context of China's Legal Culture.
Thier Classical education and the study of jurisprudence
The history of property law in Early Modern Time and Modern Time
European Legal History
Terminated Theses
Private Law and the European Private Law Tradition
Law and Collective Memory
Cultural History and Legal History
Canon Law and European Legal Tradition
Termination of Contract and unjust enrichment in the European Legal Tradition
The history of property law and the history of the C.H.Beck Publisher
Attended Theses
The relation between law and time in the view of the medieval ius commune
Studies in the Sicardus' Cremonensis commentary
The religion trials at the supreme court of the Holy Roman Empire in Wuerttemberg during reformation until the Westphalian treaty of peace
Mediality of Law and Legal Knowledge
Finance, Law and Political Power
Law, Time and History
Thier Corrado Code of the city of Chur of 1740
Thier Dubuis Napoléon Bonaparte (Napoléon I.) and his influence of the estate progression
Thier Fischer The regulation of early modern financial markets
Scutage and Army-tax. A comparative study of the development of feudo-vassalic legal structures through the commutation of vassalic military services into money-payments in Norman and early Angevin England and the Staufen Empire.
Thier Gotowko Legislation of the Teutonic Order in the time of Winrich von Kniprode
Thier Gross Specialist solicitors in German history and the effects on the contract with the client
Thier Gygax Analysis of legal concepts in church law
Thier Hirt Switzerland's particular path in the law of nations
Thier Kern Cultur and State in Switzerland
Thier Kianicka Legal Aspects of Electronic Contract Conclusions
Thier Kolarov International personality of federal entities - the treaty making power of the Swiss cantons in historical perspective
Thier Lattmann The Analogy between Jean Bodin's Six livres de la République and the Démonomanie des sorciers
Thier Oberdorfer Football fandom and law
Thier Pazhenkottil Leaving the Roman Catholic church - The special case of Switzerland
Thier Prescher Research on the influence of German immigrants in the periods of restoration and regerneration in Switzerland
Thier Schneider The legal history of the moral person
Thier Straub Indemity Provisions: Applicability of common law priniciples in Swiss law
Thier Stutz The urban law code ("Stadtbuch") of Baden in Switzerland of 1384
Thier Veliz The right to resistance in Francisco de Vitoria's thought
Thier Warecki The papal influence on the law books of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in 13th Century

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