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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bernstein The smart Soft-Ware-House
Dugerdil EvoSpaces II - Virtual Collaborative Spaces for Software Evolution
EvoSpaces - Multi-dimensional Navigation Spaces for SW Evolution
Gall ProMedServices - Proactive Software Service Improvement
NEPOMUK - The Social Semantic Desktop - FP6-027705
SoSYA - Systems of Systems Analysis
COSE - Controlling Software Evolution
Enterprise Computing (SNF Pro-Doc Programme)
SOFAS - Software Analysis as a Service
DiCoSA - Distributed Collaborative System Analysis
OntoAccess - Ontology-based read and write access to relational data and support for reasoning
SEA - Software Evolution Analysis
Merlin - A Faculty Information and Reporting System
ArchView - Analyzing Architectural Evolution
SERIOUS - Software Evolution, Refactoring, Improvement of Operational & Usable Systems
MOTION - Mobile Teamwork Services for Distributed and Mobile Collaboration
ESF RELEASE - Research Links to Explore and Advance Software Evolution
FAMILIES - System Family Engineering
Jazayeri Fundamental Programming Modules
Reif Localina - A Recommender System for Locations and Events
OMORE - The Personal Private Movie Recommender

Last update 01.07.2014