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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Barbosa Relationships between speech rhythm production and perception
Dayer Stollberg Dellwo Between conversation and primordial sounds: Studies of the musicalized speech of the Composed Theatre using musical analytic and phonetic methods
Dellwo Speaker identification and Dyslexia
Forensic Phonetic Speaker Identification Based on Temporal Evidence
VoiceTime: A software for automatic speaker identification based on voice temporal information
Speech rhythm and the Cocktail-Party Effect
An investigation of the rhythmic acoustic differences between normal and shouted voices
The influence of native language on the perception of speech rhythm
The perception of French word accent by Swiss-, Standard-German and French listeners
Dellwo Jenny Voice quality and tone in Burmese
Speech rhythm in Southeast Asian languages
Leemann Kolly Dellwo Goldman Swiss VoiceApp - Your voice. Your identity.
Maurer Dellwo Acoustic characteristics of voice in singing and straight theatre
Meyer The meaning of spectral and temporal information for processing spoken language across the life span in dependence of age-related hearing loss.

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