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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bärtschi Habilitation: Verabsolutierte Relativität - Die Rechtsstellung des Dritten im Umfeld von Verträgen
Benhamou Thesis: Compensation of Prejudice for Infringements of Intellectual Property under the royalty methode in swiss and comparative law
Feit Thesis: Liability of a lawyer to non-clients for a third party legal opinion
Frick Thesis: The influence of bribery on a contract
Gehrer Thesis: Defensive measures against takeovers in the articles of association: An analysis of the Swiss stock companies listed on the SWX
Giampaolo Thesis: The winding-up of contracts
Giger Thesis: Corporate Governance as a new element in the Swiss stock company law. Basics and need for changes regarding shareholder's rights and company management in public companies
Gottlieb Thesis: arbitration
Hochstrasser Thesis: Effect of contractual limitations of liability to a third party
Huguenin Obligationenrecht, Allgemeiner Teil
Obligationenrecht, Besonderer Teil
Obligationenrecht, Allgemeiner Teil
Obligationenrecht, Besonderer Teil
Jenny Thesis: Unjust Enrichment in case of Violation of Intellectual Property Rights
Jost-von Arx Thesis: The contract of teaching
Keller Thesis: Contracts with protective effects vis-à-vis third parties and the concept of transferred loss - a comparative analysis of Swiss and English law
Maissen Thesis: automatic renewal of contracts
Marty Thesis: Foreign Exchange Restrictions and Agreements under Swiss Law pursuant to the IMF Treaty
Matt Thesis: the conditional contract under Swiss and Liechtensein law
Meise Thesis: Swiss code of obligations and european contract law
Miessner Thesis: The limitation of a suspensive potestative condition with regarding to the Ruling of the Federal Court (of Switzerland) - BGE 122 III 10.
Minder Thesis: The transfer of a lease of business rooms (Art. 263 CO) including the relation of Art. 263 CO to the fusion act
Purtschert Thesis: The civil liability of the steering committee of an association
Renz Thesis: Legal aspect of transfers in professional soccer
Roth Thesis: The Termination with Liquidation of Corporations under Liechtenstein Company Law
Rusch Habilitation: Rechtsschein und Rechtsscheinentsprechung
Sanwald Thesis: Resignation and Withdrawal of Membership in Limited Companies and Limited Liability Companies
Schaller Habilitation: Einwendungen und Einreden im schweizerischen Schuldrecht
Stoffel Thesis: blank form
Thouvenin Habilitation: Partnership: Agreements in the intersection of contract law and corporate law
Weiner Thesis: Kickbacks in the financial sector, with special attention to asset management, investment consulting, and stock trading

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